4 weeks of fair foot

4 weeks of fair foot

What a month it has been! Some of us are dreading the end of the World Cup. For non-football people, it’s the same feeling you get when you’ve binged watched all seasons of a series on Netflix. Hello outside world, I forgot how to human, I don’t know what to do with my life anymore!


Russia’s World Cup hasn’t disappointed in deciding which 2 teams faced each other for the final in Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow. After an early goodbye to Germany, Portugal, Spain, Argentina and Mexico, the show still went on, and what a show it has been.

Here’s some knowledge about the Russia 2018 World Cup:

Match with most goals

France vs Argentina, 30th of June. Argentina scored 3 goals but that wasn’t enough to best France, who managed to score all 4 goals on their 4 shots on target. If only La Albiceleste had another goalkeeper! Wait, there’s another Romero besides Nicky Romero?

Match nickname: World Cup: How to shoot yourself in the foot 101 – select the wrong keeper.

Biggest possession difference

Spain vs Russia, 1st of July, was the match with the biggest possession difference. Spain secured 75% ball possession but a single russian goal forced them to extra time and eventually penalties, the russians’ favourite. A very sudden and frustrating hasta la vista for Spain after Russia’s tactical priparkovat’ avtobus.

Match nickname: Chto za chert Ivan (Google Translate is your friend)

Match with most fouls

Colombia vs England on the 3rd of july, was the match with the most fouls. Colombia managed to get an astonishing 8 yellow cards. Croatia made it to the finals and picked up 14 yellow cards along the way. During the whole competition. Looks like Los Cafeteros had a little too much coffee.

Match nickname: Most savage MMAtch of the tournament.

J’en ai marre du foot, je passe au théâtre

Basically any Brazil match was either fun or very irritating to watch. You know what I’m talking about. It’s football Neymar, not drop and roll! I hope you got the commissioner of football’s message! 


Special award: Best actor, some will argue best actress.

Ready player 12

Because of the influence they have on their team, football fans are known as the 12th man. Iceland’s 12th player was made up of around 30000 fans. That’s roughly a tenth of the whole country going to Russia to support the national team. Bad luck having to face Argentina and Croatia early in the tournament though. Here’s what the movie director goalkeeper does when he’s not stopping Messi’s penalties. This clip was actually directed by Hannes Þór Halldórsson. I’m not sure how to pronounce it either.

Happiest fans

Panama have some RAD fans. Their reaction after their team’s only goal was just sensational. The pride of a whole people in a single goal was oddly beautiful to watch. Thank you England!

Best loss

Japan and their alluring and clean football, who held up a five star team in the quarter finals literally till the last second. Most glorious elimination! Yes they also cleaned the stadiums after their team’s matches. There’s also been (unconfirmed) sightings of some japanese volunteers trying to fix Neymar. Or trying to recruit him for anime screams sound effects and recording.

We came to play!

Extra time! It’s like pineapple on a pizza. You either love it or hate it. And it looks like the croatians love pineapple on their pizza! They have won all their matches in the knockout rounds after 120 minutes, their last victory qualifying them for the finals, sending the three lions back home to Lizzy. Blame Sterling the duckling.

The Winner

Like all World Cups, more than one winning team left the host country. One of the most notable ones was Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović, who won the internet by greeting, congratulating and hugging each and every player under the pouring rain in Moscow, right next to a ZFG Vlad who had an umbrella.

The final match was far from being disappointing, with France converting chances every time they could. Croatia took its beating with class led by a Captain Luka Modrić who managed to pluck the well deserved Golden Ball award. Maybe taking the match to extra time could have done it for Croatia, we hope to see another France vs Croatia in 2 years for the Euro 2020, which won’t have a host country this time but will be held in 12 cities over Europe instead.