Soch-I-rish – Beer and Football World Cup

Soch-I-rish – Beer and Football World Cup

If one of our regulars gives you the “I can’t come I’m gonna miss the match” excuse to skip a drink, you might as well tie him up, throw him in your trunk and drag him to the bar. (Please don’t do that, I might get into trouble. Or do it and don’t be a snitch about it. I wrote SNITCH). It’s quite easy to follow the World Cup at Trianon, with the best restaurant around broadcasting all matches live…with beer, hot dogs and snack platters, added to the menu just for the occasion. Yup, this time, The Irish put on its soccer world cup jersey and turned into a football pub !

Why? Mauritius is a football nation. It is one of those things that brings the country together, specially when there’s good beer served with mouth watering snacks gajaks ! The holiness of football in Mauritius is honoured with at least the average worldwide zeal. Read the sentence again, it will make sense. Matches with two sets of opposing fans with that kind of dedication are always a blast. Cross with The Irish regulars and do the math. Après Rose Hill, Quatre Bornes et Bagatelle, alerte à la bombe à Trianon !

“Now for my next trick, I’m gonna make the best half the football team sit on the bench!”


It’s a real bummer the Green Army didn’t make it past qualifiers. I’m gonna go with the Simpsons prediction; Portugal vs Mexico for the final! This World Cup has been the underdogs’ game till now, with star teams like Argentina, Germany and Spain struggling and barely making it against outsiders, previous World Champion even failing to qualify to the round of 16. That middle finger was not cool Diego !

Everybody loves underdogs. In fact, they have a tangible popularity in Mauritius and the Irish is no exception. We might witness a never seen before event from our regulars…a little nudge to the Vacoas seismic station, around 4 kilometers away! For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, the mexicans did it when the team scored against Germany, so why can’t we? Ever gave the mexican-mauritian thing a thought?


Sombrero ? Sapo la paille !

Tapas? Faratas!

Tequila? Rhum!

Salsa? Sega or satini pomme d’amour, your call!

Anyway, even without the Irish football team in the tournament, the matches are very lively at your favourite pub and I strongly recommend you drop by and see for yourself. Did I mention the happy hour for the day time matches? I’ll catch you at the bar!

Before the next match, let me drop a little general knowledge (or good news) for you guys. Beer sales are allowed at football stadiums in Russia! Well…beer (or anything with less than 10% alcohol actually) was legally classified as FOOD STUFF in Russia till July 2011 so that’s not really surprising! Ypa!