Javed Vayid - Director

The Irish Pub would not exist without entrepreneur Javed Vayid. Known for his business acumen, Javed took up the challenge of opening an Irish pub in Mauritius. He created The Irish in his image, chill, fun and creative. Today, The Irish is known to be one of the best pubs on the island.

Rosemay & Eddy - Administration

Come and meet this duo who do everything they can to make sure you have a great time at the Irish. Rosemay and Eddy, a team that has been bringing originality and fun to this pub restaurant for 4 years. Rosemay is a charismatic person appreciated by all for her kindness and Eddy the family’s father of the Irish who is in charge of running this big family. 


Come and meet our restaurant team at the Irish to share even more fun moments. You will discover Owen, an atypical character with whom you will never stop laughing. You won’t miss our waitress Anne Sophie, always smiling. If you participate in karaoke on Thursdays you will discover her beautiful voice. Also discover Ashly a bon vivant who love to have fun, within this great Irish family.

Antess - Restaurant Manager

Come and enjoy a dinner in a warm setting, where you will be welcomed by our restaurant manager Antess. You can contact him if you wish to book for a birthday or other occasion. Kinder than him, you won’t find it. Antess is a hard worker, but make no mistake about it, he also likes to enjoy life. He likes to meet new people, travel and cook during his spare time.

Jimmy - Bar Manager

The Irish is one of the best places to come and have a drink at the bar managed by our bar manager. But do you know him? This is Jimmy, which is why you always see him with a bottle in his hand. For him, talent comes with experience, which is why he is constantly striving to surpass himself. He is passionate about his work and brings good atmosphere to the team.  Jimmy is creative but he is also a challenger who likes to take on challenges. 


Here is the whole bar team that will liven up your evenings. An offbeat team, close to its customers with whom you can share fun moments. Everyone brings a personal touch to the Irish Pub, like Krishnen for his friendliness, Aandy for his humour also Emilie who brings a feminine touch to the bar. Come and discover the rest of this great family that will make you feel comfortable. 

Chef and his team

Do you know the specialities of the Irish? Thanks to our Chef, come and discover our homemade and quality dishes. A great chef who has worked with the greatest chefs in the world of gastronomy. Our Chef has travelled to many parts of the world, so you can find different cultures in his dishes. He particularly recommends seafood dishes for which he has a fondness.  Louis is a generous person, the way we feel on our plates! And you won’t find hair in your dishes with him !


Mevin - Cashier manager

The Irish has also become a family through its long-standing staff such as our cashier manager, Mevin. Mevin is a very dynamic person such that sometimes you have to hold on to something to succeed in following him. But he also knows how to take the time to enjoy the present moments. He is appreciated for his sympathy and humour. If you are too drunk at a party, don’t worry about your money Mevin is a person you can count on.


The Irish has also thought of you by having photographers on staff. Thanks to them, you can keep memories of your time at the Irish. So don’t hesitate to take a wonderful picture with Jean François, Florian et Akshay, tree great photographers. You may have already met them without knowing it! They are great party people who are always present at Mauritius’ good parties. Between photographer and paparazzi it’s only a step away, so a tip keep smiling all evening!


Do you have any fears about going out in the evening? Come to the Irish! Here’s our security team: Jose is known to be very nice, Yanis the joker and Eric the quiet force! They are present every evening so that you can fully enjoy your evening. With them, you will feel at home! But be careful, don’t drown in your glasses because they won’t be able to do anything for you.